Commercial & Family Photographer

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Fashion Photography

With more than 19 years experience, I understand the need for expert planning and execution when producing photography for merchandising purposes. I have the right manner to make your design the trends to get across to the potential buyers.

Product Photography

Complete service that only an EXPERIENCED & SPECIALISED photographer can provide. Emphasis of my work is on QUALITY, ATTENTION to details & the best PRESENTATION through your Website, Digital Use or Traditional Media.

Portrait Photography

Professional corporate headshots, family photos, casting shots for portfolios, pregnancy shoots, portraits and more. We can organise the shoot in any location that enhances the intent of the photo.

Event Photography

This include everything from conferences, product launches, film festivals, work functions, birthday parties and weddings. 

Architecture & Interiors

When it comes to architectural and interior photography, it’s all about the subtle interventions that make a space unique and habitable.

Food Photography

With extensive experience and expertise in professional food photography, Ash will plan, construct and take the perfect photos to show your food in the best possible light.